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 MCS is the Nothen's Number 1 institute of Information Technology and Management Accountants. We offer the most relevant Computer skills and finance qualification for Business
For Courses Why MCS ?
  1. It is supported by United Nation Development Project.
  2. The Government Agent is in the Computer training Panel.
  3. It has provided the fundamental Computer training freely to many thousand of students since 1999.
  4. Lectures are given by the professional lecturers and the computer engineers.
  5. It is the only institute in the Northern Eastern province that conducted the BIT Course Successfully during the abnormal situation in the Jaffna peninsula.
  6. Received the Colombo university.
  7. Registered at the Computer Association and provides ICDL course.
  8. Authorized Training providers and Testing centers for CIMA, Microsoft, Oracle, COMTIA, CISCO, Adobe, BCS.

Success Full Stories


I had studied MCSE at the MCS IT Campus and at the present I live in Canada. As I had studied MCS course that has been recognized in the International level the Canadian Embassy accepted it and allowed me to come to Canada. Also the Course helped me find a job in Canada. I must thank the MCS Institute and the lecturers for giving me the opportunity. I hope this instunity and privilege to the students as it provides with many recognized courses.
N.Jayamayooran - Canada
I had been frustrate because I couldn't have got the university. At this juncture I had a great opportunity to study the Computer Engineering course of Microsoft at the MCS institute. I had to go to a middle East country due to my family situation. When we were in Doha my friends had to do heavy work with low income but my courses helped me find a good job. Now t am able to obtain a work permit to work in America. I thank the MCS institute heartfully as it gave me the chance to follow the course. I suggest that those who want to go abroad to find study the Computer Engineering course of Microsoft at the MCS institute
C.F.Dinesh - Doha


My thanks should go to the director and the lecturers of the MCS institute as it had given me an opportunity to be a student of the third stage of the CIMA course. As i had studied the course in Colombo. I was much attracted by the art of teaching, proficiency in English and finishing the course in time. I have no doubt that this institute in Jaffna prepares students for the examinations at low rate
S.Kajamugi - Australia